The most Advanced Media HUB for Android

Outstanding implementation of Android OS

We designed the XTREME TV Launcher to provide an elegant yet easy to use interface. It features a Metro design with easy access to your desired apps. The tiles represent folders, and have pre-installed apps within them. Users have the ability to customise what’s inside the folders, to better suit their needs. The XTREME TV home-screen also offers the end-user the ability to add & remove their desired apps to the bottom taskbar.

xmedex xtreme homescreen launcher

Home theater experience in your living room.

xmedia center download kodi

XMEDEX Remote Control App

wireless android ios remote control

With the XMEDEX Remote Control App, you can use your phone or tablet as a fully functional wireless controller!

Available for Android & Apple iOS

android remote control air mouse

Available to install on any Android or Apple iOS Smartphone and Tablet.

Air Mouse & GamePad

android gamepad air mouse remote

The XMEDEX Remote Control App will utilise your phones built in gyroscope sensor, allowing you to use your smartphone or tablet as an air mouse. Wave your phone to move the mouse cursor on screen. The app also features a GamePad mode, allowing you to use your phone as a gaming controller.


Use your Smart Phones screen as a Virtual TouchPad (like a laptop’s TouchPad!) to control the mouse cursor on the screen. This feature is built in to the Xmedex Remote Control App!

Inside & Out

Android TV OS

Say Hello to the 2nd Gen XTREME Plus.

Next-Gen Media HUB

The XTREME Plus that you once knew, has been taken to the next level. Don’t worry, we kept the same features & processing power that you have grown to love. The Second Gen features an all new Metal Chassis, better thermal protection, bigger heatsink & a new Toshiba HDMI IN chip. The new HDMI IN port allows you to connect any device with a HDMI OUT connection into the XTREME, and displays that devices screen in a resizable window on the XTREME. This technology is called PiP (picture in picture) Video Overlay. But that’s not all, we have also revamped the software & firmware of the device. The XTREME Plus is the first RockChip RK3288 powered device to feature the Android Lollipop 5.1 OS with an integrated OTA update server, aswell as proper KODI hardware decoding.


When Performance Matters.

High-End Processing Power & Reliability – Meet the XTREME Series.

xmedex xtreme plus second generation android tv box

Supports AirPlay, DLNA, Screen-Cast & Mirroring

Stream or Mirror any video, picture, photo, or audio content from your Android or iOS powered phone/tablet or MacBook onto the XTREME/TV.

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airplay android

Play Games & Apps on the Big Screen

With thousands of free Games & Apps available to download, you are sure to keep busy on your XTREME. 

xmedex android media box tv entertainment


xmedex australia android tv box retailer
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Choose Your XTREME

Australia’s Very Own Media HUBs for Android.

xmedex xtreme nexgen tv box



android tv box australia 4k



Accessories for your XTREME

Enhance your in-home Entertainment Experience

android deluxe keyboard trackpad

Xmedex ONE Deluxe Multi-Media Mini Keyboard & TrackPad

$44.95 – $39.99

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android remote air mouse gyroscope mini keyboard microphone

XMEDEX PRO Air Mouse Keyboard & Mic Voice Command

$49.99 – $44.95

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xmedex wireless keyboard touchpad elite android mac windows

XMEDEX ELITE 1337 Backlit Multi-Media Mini Keyboard & TrackPad

$64.99 – $59

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XMEDEX LUXPadPro Backlit Mini Wireless Keyboard & TouchPad Combo

$64.99 – $59

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